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As a club, we have always strived to bring excellence in our work. The fruit of which comes through the winning different competitions that members of the GDSC have taken part in. Take a look at some of our most memorable wins!
Also, while you're at it check out snippets and more details about our projects, see their source-code and see what makes them unique!

Achievements Archive

Successful, Memorable Achievements So Far

πŸ“… Apr 5, 2024 GDSC Solution Challenge logo

GDSC Solution Challenge

Our team members, Priyanshi Furiya and Abhishek Nair secured a place in the global top 100 for the GDSC Solution Challenge.

πŸ“… Feb 28, 2024 Polarizer logo


Harsh Maru from our team secured the top spot in Polarizer, the college's official innovative project competition.

πŸ“… Feb 23, 2024 Quantiphi CodeQraft logo

Quantiphi CodeQraft

Jugaad Chhabra from our App Dev team clinched the top spot in the highly competitive Quantiphi CodeQraft hackathon.

πŸ“… Feb 8, 2024 CodeChella logo


Vyom Shah from our team stood second in CodeChella,an online coding competition organized by IET MPSTME in collaboration with Taqneeq.

πŸ“… Nov 27, 2021 KJSCE Crackathon 2021-2022 logo

KJSCE Crackathon 2021-2022

We are proud to present the remarkable performance of members of our team in the KJSCE Crackathon 2021-2022 (National Level Competition), a 3-round competitive programming competition.

πŸ“… Oct 9, 2021 ACM SemiColon 2021-2022 logo

ACM SemiColon 2021-2022

Three of our team members took part in this Intra-College Competition and bagged the 2nd (Angad), 3rd (Abhinav) and the 4th (Aditi) place.

Projects Archive

Take a glance at few of our favourite Projects